At the begining of the year I found myself looking through  photos of the year before, I found images of a falcon and lots of images I had taken of a collection on falconry hoods, it reminded me that I had made one large falcon in the past and inspired me to create some more . The keys are a collection I have of small vintage keys found through the years in various sewing boxes, If I find a little key I have to keep it, who knows what its for? That is where the keepers of Keys come from, They are much more reliable than me at key keeping.


This is currently the only large 'Key keeper' she is fixed to a hand made  wooden chair, that I have made from scraps of wood and off cuts ( I'm a carpenter now).


She can sit on a mantle piece or she can hang on the wall with the attatched D-ring. Personally I love her hanging on the wall, the shadows that are cast by her are beautiful. She is the first in a new collection and I have many plans for handmade stools and chairs and pieces to sit upon them.


Hand and machine stitched from re-purposed leather and vintage fabrics, 


She is signed and dated on the back. An original art piece textile sculpture by Lucy Brasher ' the cat in the shoe'.

Measures approx 45cm tall , 12cm wide and around 24 cm deep. 


Copyright remains with Lucy Brasher 'the cat in the shoe'. An original design and art piece 2021.

The cat in the shoe is a member of ACID ( Anti Copying in Design). All of the cat in the shoe designs are supported by ACID through their design databank, all design rights and intellectual property rights existing in my designs, products and in images and text are and will remain property of the cat in the shoe. We will treat any infringement of these rights seriously.

'Keeper of keys' wall hanging