Sunday, 6 September 2015

Nourish 2015

We are back from our adventures in Devon this weekend. It was a super speedy trip but we still managed to have some sunshine, see some beautiful views, eat an actual meal together that did not gluten me and meet a lot of lovely new faces at Nourish Festival.

and my stall did not fall done over night which was a relief ...

All in all it was a lovely day in Devon, some creatures are off to new homes in the Devon countryside and now its time for the festive makes to begin!

Once my son has had his first day at school tomorrow???!!!!! crying mum at gates a go go.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

3 and a bit days and then.........

That's right, somehow its September already and that means Nourish Festival!!!! 

Im pretty excited about this as it will be my first trip to Bovey Tracey and I get to exhibit my creations there. And I might almost be ready which is very unlike me although I am sure I will have a last minute panic and decide to make something extra at the very last minute.
Here is a small selection of what I will be selling on Saturday.....

For those of you that can get to Devon on Saturday I look forward to seeing you there, and for those of you who can't I have flash sale over in my Etsy store plus a few Christmas

So something for everyone!!

I hope to meet some of you in person on Saturday xxx

Friday, 21 August 2015

The Pox happened

I was being very productive and sticking to my '1 blog a week' rule until.... a tiny blister appeared on my sons neck, it was very small but then it had a blister friend, and then another and another and another and then it brought with it a god awful temperature and a very bad mood and tadahhh the Chicken Pox had arrived which = no play school for the poorly bear and no work for mummy.
In-fact it meant not much of anything except lego building, film watching, hugging, trying not to get cross when sleep was taken away from me and a trip the Drs. Oh and a stinky cold for me!
My review of the Chicken Pox is that it sucks and it has the worst possible timing considering I have Nourish Festival in 2 weeks and as always I am running behind ( I have the worst time management skills, in fact Time keeping in general is a major issue for me).

Anyway I did in-between manage some work and the little monster is all better now and back at play school for the next week until he starts real School!!! But that's a whole other blog topic right there...

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Nourish festival 2015

You know that feeling when you look at a calander and you realise that it isn't July anymore? In-fact its August the 5th to be precise and that happens to be exactly 1 month until you have a huge event to be ready for???

Yeah well that happened today. Obviously I dealt with this in a calm and relaxed fashion and did not go into a mad PANIC!!! Ok I did panic a little, well more than a little.....

You see on the 5th September I am going to be at the rather prestigious Bovey Tracey selling my hand made creatures at the Nourish Festival, exciting right?! Yes exciting ,but also this means I better stop day dreaming about what I would like to make and actually get on with it.

So today in warp speed I started making 2 birds who will , by tomorrow ( hopefully) be beautifully displayed in a gorgeous glass box frame, I can't actually show you these yet as they are not ready and I was too busy sewing and panicking to take any photos.

But look I have begun sewing, and I have updated my Etsy store for those of you who can't wait till the 5th September or who live to far so I have done pretty well for a day. And I am blogging whilst cooking dinner and watching 'The Great British Bake Off' so multi tasking ahoy!

I suggest you all have a look at a calender and then go have a look at The Nourish 2015 site and come along and say hello, that would be nice.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

A new blog...

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Finally I am on the computer and properly looking at my 'online presence' and its pretty obvious, even to computer phobic me that this blog has been neglected and un-loved.

So I have sorted out some widgets? and thingymigegs and voila, a new blog that works!! Huzzah!!

So lets treat this post as if it was my first.

 Hello, I'm Lucy and I make creatures from textiles.

What else is there? Well I live by the sea in sunny Dorset ( Ha, sometimes sunny, it is England after all) . I am a mum which still sounds very grown up ( I'm not) my son is nearly 5 ( terrifying).

We live with the OH who has a giant beard and is an illustrator and tattoo artist in training. We are hoarders I think but in a very clean OCD organised way, but this 2 bed flat may well be busting at the seems with our weird collection of things and books, I LOVE BOOKS, obsessively. 

I have recently found out that I have Coeliacs disease, ugh, but after a good few years of feeling awful most of the time, an answer is an answer, so I am adjusting. The 'Deliciously Ella' cookbook from the inspirational Ella Woodward is a massive help ( although I still eat meat and drink wine, don't tell her). I run on the beach every other day, work and small child permitting and I listen to 6music whilst I work..blah blah blah..

I have been sewing for a good few years now and I am completely self taught, I seem to remembering thinking textiles was rubbish at school? and wanting to be a photographer. I studied fine art and photography at Degree level and well, that didn't exactly work out for me so I got a serious job and moved to London and then had no job again so I started to sew and realised I could do this and actually really loved it. My Dear Nan who we lost a few years ago ( not in a shop or anything, I mean moved on, left this earth etc) was a seamstress and a knitter and was always sewing. She would go round the shops and see a dress and think gosh thats lovely and then she would nip to the fabric shop and voila it was made, everything she had was hand made or found in a charity shop and recreated. So I suppose in the end I took after my Nan Phyllis who I miss, and while I know she was not always impressed with my technical skill she loved that I was making things too.

My mum is a printmaker and art obsessed ( she knows a lot, I mean A LOT about art), she is also a book collector, so it was probably inevitable that I would find my way creatively in the end. 

My textile pieces are based mostly on whimsy and imagination, animals that can talk or who have a story to tell, they can be  humorous too, a stag in some pants for example is one of my favourite silly ideas that had to be made. But mostly they are re-creations from something old, a forgotten garment in a charity shop, a scrap of lace, an off cut of fabric - to me these can become a creature, a curiosity. Something new from something old, 'make do and mend' and all that. Its how my brain works ( after coffee).

Currently I am working on a collection for the Nourish Festival at Bovey Tracey in Devon on the 5th September and I am obsessively making birds, its a bit out of control really but I am loving making the birds.

As this is a blog about my work I guess really I should show you some, so here are a few of my latest pieces. And I have now committed to THE BLOG so I will blog again, in a week or sooner but no later!

 This was commission piece for a lady in France who wanted a bird in a bird cage.

It has a music box movement attached and plays the tune from 'Amelie'. This began the obsession with bird making.

this a large bird piece on a wall hanging, made from leather scraps, hand stitched feathers individually cut.

... thats it for now....

Saturday, 25 April 2015


This evening in my Etsy store I have a summer collection of new creatures and creations going live at 6.30pm GMT 
So be there or be ..... well not there I guess but you will be missing out on some unique handcrafted creations and missing out is never fun!!

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

hello 2015, time to make something new.

I have been a little busy so far this year, finishing custom orders starting new ones getting a cold or two and trying to shed the Christmas mince pies.

But I have felt the need to create something completely new and set myself a new challenge......

So after the other half drew this....

I made this...

So I think there will be a few more of these to come.