Friday, 5 December 2014

Etsy UK, Dorset Market tomorrow, 6th December 2014


Yep that is probably the best way to describe my over all feeling for tomorrows event.

Etsy have only sponsored a handful of events across the Uk and I am lucky enough to be taking part in the Dorset Teams event tomorrow.

It is being held in The Allendale centre in Wimborne Dorset Uk tomorrow from 10am-4pm, there will be about 80 stalls of talented traders selling their handmade and vintage pieces and Im going to be there too selling my creatures and curiosities.

Also Saturday the 6th December is 'National Support your Small Business Day' so this means free entry and free parking???

There will also be Etsy goodie bags being given away!!!

What more reason do you need to come along?

Maybe these guys will help.....

Thursday, 20 November 2014

An owl in a waistcoat of course....

I work a lot to commission and I am lucky enough to be able to choose the pieces I want to make and pretty much get free rein with the design of the piece, That makes me pretty spoilt I know.

Every once in a while a commission comes along that not only stretches my skills but also inspires me and makes me not want to give it away.

This piece is one of those.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Is it Christmas yet? no? really?

Well I have to say it certainly feels like Christmas here, in fact it has felt like Christmas for quite some time now.

I have been sewing away on Christmas decorations and on a rather special Christmas custom order.

And here she is in all her glory. Feel festive yet?

Oh and here are some very silly Snowballs that sold out on Etsy this week in about 10 minutes!!! Now thats a Christmas miracle if ever there was one.

But fear not I hope to be adding more creatures of the festive and non festive kind to my Etsy soon.
And if you are a Dorset Local I will be selling at an Etsy sponsored market on Saturday 6th December!!! This is very very exciting!

Saturday, 18 October 2014

I'm gonna say it........ Christmas??!!!!

I know its October, and weirdly warm and not at all festive. But here at cat in the shoe HQ it is a full on Christmas making Frenzy!!

Bearing in mind I received Christmas orders as far back as June it has basically never actually stopped being Christmas here.
I do love Christmas though so this is not a moaning about Christmas blog from me, I might even of had a few mince pies already and possibly purchased some reindeer pjs? Thats all right though, right? I mean I am making Christmas stock so probably best to get into the 'mind set'.

So as this is a truly festive blog here are some pictures of the latest 'cat in the shoe' Christmas creation.

An edition of only 10 to be made this year, some lovely hand made Angels.

A selection of 3 will be on Etsy this evening at 7.30pm gmt (Saturday 18th October 2014). Etsy store

I will be taking 2 with me to an Etsy Sponsored Christmas Craft Market on Saturday 6th December here in Dorset England 

Saturday, 27 September 2014

A rather special commission

Oh hello, again.
That's right I am attempting to be a regular blogger, and super sewer all at once!
The past few weeks I have been locked away in my studio ( in-between planning a four year olds Birthday and building A LOT of Lego) and I have been working on an Alice in Wonderland commission.
The brief was - Anything Alice your choice.
Well that's my kind of brief, and this is what I came up with. everything has been hand and machine stitched and it has taken a lot of hours but I would definitely say that it was worth it.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Are you Local???

Are you local? she says in her best 'League of Gentleman' voice.
Because if you are I'm only gonna be selling a selection of my hand made creatures and curiosities in Blandford this Monday!! 
That's right, you can actually come and see my work in person rather than just on this here internet, you can also see me but that's not really the exciting part. This is my first and possibly only event of the year as I am so slammed with orders and commissions. So if you want to get your mitts on some completely unique one off pieces I suggest you get your fine Self's to 'Vintage at The Village Hall, on Monday 8th September in The Corn Exchange market Place, Blandford Forum, DORSET.
And here is a selection of the pieces I will be taking with me incase you needed any convincing....And do not fret because for those who cannot make it I will be updating my Etsy store on Wednesday 10th September. 

copyright for all images and works produced remains with the cat in the shoe.